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Hello and welcome to my static shock fan page. For those who don't know, Static Shock is a cartoon show airing on kids WB and is based on the award winning Milestone comic Static.

old school static

Static Shock!: Trial By Fire TPB Static Shock!: Trial By Fire TPB

The hero of STATIC SHOCK!, the hot new animated series on the Kids WB!, now stars in his own collected edition! Virgil Hawkins isn't exactly the most popular kid in his school -- the girls mostly ignore him, but the bullies don't. His social circle could most charitably be described as "geek chic." But when a bizarre accident gave him incredible powers, this young comic book fan knew just what to do. Now, when danger strikes (and he can get out of class) he rides the lightning as Static, the most electrifying super-hero the city of Dakota has ever seen. Three-time winner of a Parents' Choice Award!

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